Cocos2d-x SDK Integrations

for all Cocos2d-x engines using C++, JS, or Lua

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Thousands of mobile games and applications are using SDKBOX:

Worried about your app is cracked? Don't worry! SDKBOX provides you with Tapcore!

Tapcore's smart algorithm is able to track worldwide illegal installs, collect analytics and display highly targeted ads to pirated users. For more details, you can access Tapcore website.


Unified C++/Javascript/Lua APIs for basic functions that all games need.

  • In-App Purchases Hot!

    Implement Cross-Platform IAP easily. Support Apple AppStore, Google Play, Amazon AppStore, and Playphone store.

  • Google Play Game Servies New!

    The most secure and reliable game services for your mobile games now available on both Android and iOS!

  • SDKBOX Ads Hot!

    An easy-to-use package that includes all SDKBOX supported Ad Units.

  • SDKBOX Play Hot!

    Cross platform support for both Apple's Game Center and Google Play Services, including Login, Achievement, Leaderboard, and saving game data to iCloud or Google Drive.

  • Tapcore New!

    Tapcore is the only solution on the market that enables mobile developers to monetize pirated copies of their apps through advertising.

  • Ratings & Reviews

    More downloads of your app with App store ratings and reviews.

  • Social Sharing

    Grow audience network by publishing social messages to Facebook and Twitter.

Ad Units

Analytics solutions provides the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of app access data for purposes of understanding and optimizing app usage.

  • AdColony

    Instant-play™ HD the best user experience, hands down.

  • AdMobHot!

    Monetize your apps intelligently

  • Appnext

    Grow Your Mobile Business by Promoting Apps.

  • Appodeal

    Unleash Your App’s Revenue with Appodeal’s Intelligent Ad Mediation.

  • Chartboost

    The largest mobile games-only platform to increase revenue and discover new players.

  • Fyber

    Designed with you in mind, Fyber empowers developers to execute smart ad monetization strategies.

  • Unity AdsNew!

    Get paid for all your hard work.

  • Bee7

    Our Native rewarded re-engagement system encourages valuable players to stay in your game.

  • InMobi

    The Discovery Platform for a Mobile-First World.

  • Leadbolt

    The high-performance mobile advertising platform for user acquisition and app monetization.

  • Phunware's Ad SDK

    Leverage revenue sources in a non-intrusive experience and start serving branded ads from top Fortune 500 companies.

  • Vungle

    Infrastructure for app monetization through video ads.


Analytics solutions provides the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of app access data to increase understanding and optimization of app usage.

  • Apteligent

    Build Better Apps Faster: crash reporting and realtime performance data.

  • Google Analytics Hot!

    Turn insights into action.

  • FirebaseNew!

    Firebase helps you build better mobile apps and grow your business.

  • Flurry Analytics

    Adopt the industry standard, for free.

IAP Optimization

Boost in-app purchase conversion rate. Improve critial ARPDAU metrics. These services help app monetization and increase revenue.

App Stores

Submit games to these third party app stores to boost player engagement and to claim extra revenue. Easy to try with existing live games.

  • Amazon AppstoreHot!

    The exclusive appstore on Kindle tablets, but available for other devices, too.

  • Facebook GameroomBeta!

    A new place to play, watch, and share

  • Playphone

    Your new, must-have game monetization channel in the world’s fastest growing gaming markets.


Integrate social features for better player engagement and more efficient user acquisition.

  • Facebook Hot!

    The world's largest social media network.


Attribution is the measurement of user events that result in marketing activity. An event can be an app install, repeat app launch, level completion, in app purchase, etc.

  • Tune

    Making mobile marketing better, for everyone.

  • Kochava

    Driving Effective Mobile Ad Spend

Push Notification

Keep in touch with your audience by sending messages directly to their mobile devices.

  • OneSignal

    OneSignal is a free high volume Push Notification service.


There are some other userful services that will help you build games faster and smoother.

  • YouTube Player

    Single API to play YouTube videos on both iOS and Android.

  • AgeCheq

    Easy compliance with the US and Euro Child Privacy Laws

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