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Learn how SDKBOX helps you develop and integrate mobile services.

What is SDKBOX?

SDKBOX helps you manage everything about using third party SDKs in mobile applications: rapidly select, integrate, verify, and update live servies from top suppliers.

Time Saver

Time Saver & Waste-Eliminator

SDKBOX makes it super EASY and FREE for mobile developers to integrate 3rd party SDKs into their apps. Available for Cocos2d-x/Cocos, Unity and Unreal, SDKBOX does all the tedious SDK validation and maintenance work so that developers won't have to.

Tested & Certified Services

Tested & Certified Services

No matter which version of the game engine you're using, C++, Javascript or LUA, SDKBOX will reduce your integration time from a typical 1-2 weeks down to less than a day. No hassle, no friction.

SDKBOX inside your App

Need more help with SDKBOX?

We have a great support area on our website that offers many ways to get your issues fixed.

How to integrate a service

Automatic Installer

Automatic Installer

SDKBOX Installer is a command line tool. It lets you integrate a mobile service with a single line of command. Learn more about the installer.

Manual Plugin

Manual Plugin

Download the SDKBOX plugin bundles and follow the detailed instructions to integrate the service SDK. You can review everything before modifying your app.

SDKBOX Live Operations

Monitor and manage SDKs through a remote cloud dashboard.

Update Settings

Remote Configuration

Remotely manage, update and launch configurations for SDKs in a live application. Learn more.

App Key

Server-Side Receipts Verification

Avoid IAP frauds. Automatically and transparently check IAP purchases against Google or Apple servers for authenticity. Learn more.

Get Started

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