I cannot post image and comment to facebook at the same time for Android.

I use Cocos2d-x cpp with SDKBOX for Android.


I tried both Share plugin and Facebook plugin and it seems the same result.


I can post image only (all comments such as title, link or text are ignored) .

I can post comments only (with title, text, link information correctly but image will be ignored).


I used the sample project from Github from the link below.



I also integrated SDKBOX Share plugin to another my project and the result is the same.


Would you please let us know how we can solve this problem?

Quang Vu Trong answered


    How can I share a photo with a link to my app?

    Thank in advance

    Quang Vu Trong answered
      htlxyz 1.99K Rep.


      share link just support web image.

      set image like this.

      info.image = "http://cocos2d-x.org/images/logo.png";


      you can try again.

      YN-Ohtsuki commented

        Thank you for the answer.


        In the Usage - Share section of the website at the link below, it says we can share photo with comments if we have facebook app installed on the Android device.



        Can we achieve this?

        YN-Ohtsuki answered
          htlxyz 1.99K Rep.



          facebook sdk share support share type link or photo.


          share type link:

          image must be url, so photo will be ignored.


          share type photo:

          just can set photo, so comment will be ignored.

          htlxyz edited answer

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