so i´ve followed some recommendation from another Question here and but still Restoring does´t work

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class Restoring : MonoBehaviour {
    public Sdkbox.IAP iap;

   void OnEnable()
        iap = FindObjectOfType<Sdkbox.IAP>();
               Restore ();
   public void Restore()
        iap.restore ();



this is the simple script i´m using on an extra gameobject (for other reasons this script will get some more lines soon)

On the IAP-object i´ve set the On Restored Callback to the same as the On Success Callback (to enable adfree)

On Sucess works and everything will be adfree but On Restored doesn´t work. Not sure where my mistake is now.

sunny yadav answered

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    sunny yadav answered
      nite 1.15K Rep.

      I just tested restore function everything seems to be working correctly.

      1. Can you double check the callback is setup correctly


      2. Can you make sure the item you purchased is a non_consumable?

      nite commented
        • checked for that and it´s set up the same

          i might reinstall it one time maybe i did sth wrong in the setup,because i´m currently only able to do the purchase once , if i press back on the google-play pop-up i can´t press the button again(nothing happens)

        • Check if you perform the "Additional Android Instructions" in the documentation


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