Sorry in advance for the noob-wtf-please-help-me-post.

SDKBOX seems a bit too good to be true. Has anyone gotten any of the plugins to work using cocos2d-x on both iOS and Android? I keep creating new git branches to test various plugins, but so far none of them compile on both iOS and Android out of the box, which is the selling point of SDKBOX. The biggest success has been with Google Analytics on iOS. It compiled. I have not gotten so far as to test the actual functionality as I cannot proceed until I can prove it will compile on both platforms. It will not compile on Android. (file not found #include "PluginGoogleAnalytics/PluginGoogleAnalytics.h"). Ok, so a dependency issue. How do I fix this? Here are some details:

Cocos2d-x v3.17.02

Using CMAKE v3.15.0-rc1

Android Gradle Plugin Version 3.4.1

Gradle Version 5.1.1

TL;DR Plugin does not compile on Android. How do you add plugins when building using CMAKE?

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