Hello community, how are you?

I'm new using SDKBOX, and wanted to know how to use it correctly for my projects.

I'm trying to get data when I log in, but don't know how to that, I've been searching for more information about the sdkboxplay usage in Unity, but no good answer at all.

Other thing I want to ask is, Do I need to publish the app to get the sdk works? or just creating the apk and installing it on my device could work?

Because, making tests, I used the SampleScene to see the sdkbox usage, but it just show something like a login.


Thank you for the help.

Anjelina Williams answered

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      Daniel Heller answered
        htlxyz 1.99K Rep.

        take a look at follow files:




        we will add a api to get the currently logged in player's id ASAP.

        Jin Chen commented
          • Hello, thanks for your answer

            I looked on those files, SampleScene and the script, but don't know how to configure my own project to catch the right events.

            When I compile the apk and install it on my device, the connection to the game services fails.

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