I'm developing a game where I need to send and request two types of game items through the apprequests Facebook api. AFAIK Facebook SDK provides an specific interface allowing the user to invoke a native interface where the user is able to choose between their friends to perform apprequests. I've been doing some research about how to achieve this feature through SDKBox Facebook plugin, and the only way I found is to push my own game UI displaying the user friends (obtained through fetchFriends or "/me/friends" api call) and then performing POST api calls to each "/<recipient_id>/apprequests" with the appropiate post data.

Is this the only way to achieve this feature? am I missing something? If I'm correct, is there any plan to add this feature in the SDK?

Thank you in advance,

ayan khan answered

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    ayan khan answered
      nite 1.15K Rep.

      Facebook dosen't provide the feature that let you choose which friends to invite, you have to implement it with your own game UI, we're planning to create a sample for that in the future release.

      nite answered

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