We are using the sdkbox appodeal plugin and got below warning when logging in to appodeal:

Have the sdkbox appodeal plugins been updated?

Any pointers to updating our version via sdkbox command line, anything to be cautious of when updating?

Important Google Play Compliance Update
We’ve been working together with Google Play to make sure Appodeal SDKs are compliant with the newest privacy policy update from the Google Play Store. We encourage all users who use SDK versions prior to 2.5.1 (released on January 4, 2019) to update to the more recent SDK versions. We’ve recently promoted Appodeal SDK v2.5.6 to stable and Google confirmed that this version is compliant as well as all SDKs after v2.5.1 as of 7/10/19. Google also advises developers to deactivate the old apk versions in testing track to prevent any issues.
Appodeal and Google want to ensure a smooth transition for developers with apps on Google Play, so you will have time until August 19, 2019 to update your SDK and submit a new build in order to stay compliant with the Google Play store privacy policies and rules.
If you use Unity plugin, we recommend updating to v2.8.56. If you use Unreal plugin, please update to v2.5.6. If you use Corona plugin, please use v2.5.4.
In case you don’t update your SDK before the deadline, Google will most likely remove the non-compliant apps from the store. Please contact us if you have any concerns about the deadline.
PLEASE NOTE: If you already updated to Android SDK 2.5.1 or higher or only have iOS apps, you don't have to do anything.

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