I try to open sdkbox in the cocos creator's menu but just show this "install SDKBox Installer failed Please tell us at (http://www.sdkbox.com/answers/).".

Windows 7.

domicilio answered

    absolute same issue. can't open sdkbox. it says "install SDKBox Installer failed Please tell us at (http://www.sdkbox.com/answers/)." and@forker is probably waiting about one month for answer....

    i tried to whatever i tried there. first installed python then started the "sdkbox.bat" file... there was the message "runtimerrror: bad magic number in .pcy file" ... when i start sdkboxk in cocos creator now i get the message "update SDKBox Installer" ....so still does not work.

    wow. i had to delete the newest python version and install python 2.7 to get it work....profesional

    now trying to install facebook plugin for SDKBOX / cocos creator :

    "#FATAL :unsupported cocos2d-x major version: unknown
    Installation failed :("

    i give up

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