I am using Cocos2D-X 3.13.1 (Linux) and the SDKBOX AdMob integration (installed via sdkbox import admob ).

In my class, I have the following code (MainMenuScene  inherits cocos2d::LayerColor ):

However, the banner advertisements (my only ad type) are not displaying at all.

Logcat reveals the following:

I noticed Failed to load ad: 2 , however the internet (StackOverflow) indicates that this is due to AdMob being unable to connect to the internet. I have internet permissions in my AndroidManifest.xml  file, and do not have an adblocker installed. Other apps (that aren't my creation) work well. There are no SDKBOX errors in the log, either.

I should note, in AdMob app settings, I have scheduled the advertisement to refresh every 30 seconds, even though it only mentions that once in the log (all other times mentioning 60 seconds for some reason).

I have tried looking at the provided sample code, however it seems out of date . Targeting armeabi-4.8, whereas the latest is armeabi-4.9. As 4.8 is hardcoded in the Python scripts, manually changing it to 4.9 works. However, a linking error occurs in libcocos2dxinternal.a  complaining about bzero()  not being able to be found.

I'm at a loss. Please help. Thank you.

Also posted to: http://discuss.cocos2d-x.org/t/admob-c-advertisements-are-not-showing/33247

harish sagar answered
    • Please turn on the test mode by setting "test":true in sdkbox_config.json


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    harish sagar answered

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